Waiting for Windows 8

I am in desparate need of a laptop, and my old one couldn’t have died at a worse time. In the summer, when I have no classes and am able to work unlimited hours, buying a new laptop would be no problem; in the midst of finals and crunch-time near the end of the semester, it’s a disaster. I am by no means [for lack of a better word] screwed, I assure you — but there is a sense of freedom that you take for granted when your laptop is taken away. I can’t just bring my work / homework with me anywhere I go anymore, and it’s really affecting my productivity. As you can see, I struggle with prWindows 8oductivity as it is.

Anyway, despite my desire for a newer, faster laptop, I have chosen to wait until Windows 8 is released to buy a laptop. Windows 8, which will be the newest Windows OS, hits the market in June. Though designed for touch screens, Windows 8 has complete functionality for traditional PC’s (which I intend on purchasing) as well. I don’t want to run into the dilemma of going out and getting a PC now, only to have Windows 8 released days later. I hope it’s worth the wait.