Make Sure Online Images are Safe for Use

In my Writing Content for the Web class, we discussed the use of images on websites. There was much talk on copyright issues and how it is generally better to use one’s own photography as opposed to content found online (there are several usage rights and copyrights involved). Well, if you’re a web developer without a camera — which you absolutely should have –, or just simply can’t generate the image you want yourself, here is a way to be absolutely sure an image is safe for you to use.

Google what you’re looking for

I’m sure many of the other popular search engines have similar features to the ones I will be talking about, but I use Google for all searches. Anyway, say you’re looking for an image of a sunset. Type ‘sunset’ in on Google, as you would normally. All the results that are displayed are both images you can’t use, along with ones you’re legally allowed to.

At the bottom…

…of the page (you may have to do some scrolling) there is a link that says ‘Switch to Basic Version’. Click that link. It takes you to the Google of 2005, the way the image page used to look. At the top of that page, under the search bar, there is a link for ‘Advanced Search’. Click that link.

Advanced Image Search

That is the heading you should now see. You can modify keywords, search by size, type, color, aspect ratio — you name it. But the one we’re after is the ‘usage rights’ at the bottom. If you click the drop down box, you’ll be able to select from different usage rights options. The one you want is ‘labeled for reuse’; after you’ve selected that, click the ‘Advanced Search’ button at the bottom, and you’ll be directed to a page containing only images you’re allowed to use legally. Enjoy your sunset pictures!


Facebook Worth $116.6 Billion

Yes, you heard right. Facebook is worth over $100 billion, and the crazy thing is, they did it in eight years!

Facebook’s recent IPO debut, which showed the public these staggering numbers, also revealed the fact that Mark Zuckerburg, the 28-year-old CEO of the company, is worth $21 billion himself, making him #29 on the list of the world’s wealthiest people.

Facebook shares, which amount to over 400 million at this time, started trading under the symbol ‘FB’ last Friday for $42 a share. This raised in itself $17.7 billion for the company.

I don’t really have a point here other than to say that it’s just stunning how an eight-year-old company, which is truly still in its infancy, generates this type of worth in such a short amount of time. Facebook will, in my opinion, continue to be a force in the long list of (rapidly growing) internet companies.

Google Goggles — The New Mobile?

I just saw this video in my Internet Marketing class yesterday, and I couldn’t help but think how drastically this product could change the world of mobile as we know it. As of today, we think of mobile generally consisting of smart phones, laptops, and tablets, but this product could shift the landscape and make a splash in the future.

While still in development, it is fun to imagine the world this way, everyone walking around with Terminator-esque eyewear, capable of giving exact locations, listening to your voice commands, and giving you reminders and details of your surroundings all along the way.

There are, however, some questions for Google to tackle before they are able to release the product into the market:

  • Is there a feature to shut it off? Say, while driving?
  • Will they be sleek and fashionable, or will I look like Cyclops from the X-Men?

All in all, this product (which has a release date of somewhere in the end of 2012) seems interesting, and really cool! I am excited to hear what people have to say when it is finally released.

The End is Near…

Wow, can’t believe that the semester is almost over. It seems like yesterday was January, and we were just being handed syllabi and preparing for what was to come. Maybe it was the lack of a real winter, or maybe it was the addition of work hours at my job, but I can’t believe it’s almost coming to a close.

But now it’s crunch time — the time that separates the real, serious students from the would-be graduates. I hope to become the former, of course. I hope to graduate after this coming fall’s semester, with a Certificate in Web Marketing along with an Associate’s in Web Development & Design. That way, this wild ride will amount to something. Time to get in gear and finish this semester with a bang!