Mental Spring Cleaning

Certainly I enjoyed my break just as much as the next guy, but I can’t seem to get rid of that post-spring break funk. Hopefully I’ll be making some headway in the next few days; I started off my day today by doing some real-life spring cleaning. First was the office (cluttered desk is a cluttered mind?), then off to clean out the car. You’d be surprised how much you accumulate in a car over the winter … if you’re anything like me. After I literally cleaned, it was time to clean out my to-do list that has been nagging me all throughout break, and still is now. Apply for a bar license, finish homework, make-up homework — even making a to-do list became stressful!

I am currently managing to keep track of my to-do’s by using a slick little app I picked up called Astrid. It makes task management slightly more bearable, which is something I need otherwise I would get nothing done.


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