My Thoughts on Hootsuite

Just recently (as in as soon as spring break started), I began using the social media consolidator* Hootsuite with surprising efficiency. Despite being a person who is very active in social media, I had never in the past considered using a suite such as this (TweetDeck, Seesmic, etc.).

For those who aren’t aware, Hootsuite, Seesmic, TweetDeck, and any others that I forgot to include are social media management systems that basically consolidate all of the user’s social media accounts into one “suite” where they can post, comment, and like on any or all of the social networks they choose to add — with one click.

Say you have a Twitter account as well as one for Facebook, and you want to write the same message for your Twitter followers and Facebook friends (who may be two separate groups of people entirely). The old way to do this would be to log into your Facebook account, compose the message and click ‘send’, copy that text, open a new window, log into Twitter, and paste that message into the box there. With a social media management system, this message can be written and sent with one draft, one click, and be available to both audiences immediately.

For me, a person who manages social media accounts for a small business, this feature is a goldmine in itself. It completely streamlines the posting process, and with the ability to add up to 5 social media accounts (with the free version — oh, did I mention this service is free?), offers more than enough accounts for Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. Other notable features include the ability to schedule messages for later distribution, availability of a mobile app to take the service with you on-the-go, and custom reports and tracking statistics for monitoring (among others) CTR’s and brand mentions.

In short, this service has rapidly changed the way that I use social media for business, as well as myself. I suggest that anyone who is serious about social media marketing, or has aspirations of becoming involved with social marketing professionally, check out any one of the aforementioned social media management tools that I have mentioned. Although I cannot speak personally on behalf of the others I have listed, I am inclined to believe that those tools function similarly to Hootsuite, the one I have came to know and love.


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